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Blooming Oils is the result of a 50 year passion for essential oils and the limitless number of healing, soothing, enlightening and regenerative blends which can be made from their subtle and powerful properties.
On our web site you will find information about essential oils (and other oils such as infused oils, absolutes carrier oils and lots more…); recipes for making your own home blends; up-to-date research on lots of essential oils direct from the research institutes themselves in certain instances; a shop containing a large range of oils, chosen directly from distillers around the world whom we know and trust. There are essential oils and absolutes, infused oils (some of which we make ourselves) and carrier oils, organic ranges and fragrances. You will also find a wide range of blends, some are therapeutic, some provide emotional support for those enduring difficult times and some are a helping hand to those following a spiritual path.

You will find Blogs and reference information concerning essential oils – their uses, their properties, some of the latest research into their expanding repertoires of active ingredients, recipes and some learning and practising information for anyone interested in developing their abilities in using essential oils.

Our services include a Research service for developing a blend for a specific ailment or condition; a Make-Up service for creating the specific blend you require to the correct dilution to your recipe and a Therapists Support Service – A service for Therapists, driven by Therapists and providing research services, tailored blends, a trialing service and own blend packaging and dispensing services – all at wholesale prices….

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